The AKAP Local Coffee Guide

The AKAP Local Coffee Guide

Get To Know Your Local Coffee with AKAP

Sometimes, the best way to start your day is a nice warm meal and or a cup of your favorite drink to put a smile on your face. While there are so many choices of beverages that can give you the right dose of energy in the morning, many working adults, and young adults enjoy a fresh brew of coffee any time of the day. In fact, did you know that the Philippines is the 2nd largest consumer of coffee in Asia? 

And it’s not just the usual coffee treat in the cafes, most Filipinos even enjoy their dose of caffeine through more affordable means, like the regular 3-in-1 instant coffee mix. So, whether you are a coffee lover or a casual enjoyer of coffee, you can count on AKAP and our latest Botella tumbler carrier to bring your fave coffee anywhere in style. 

is here to share a quick guide to the best local coffee and its origins in the Philippines.


 Arabica Coffee

Known as one of the most popular coffee beans in the Philippines, and is even loved by coffee lovers around the world. Our local version of premium Arabica coffee beans can be found in two locations, Sagada and Benguet. Arabica coffee is also commonly known as “Kapeng Tagalog” and is famous for its sweet and almost fruity taste that coffee lovers enjoy. Some variations of Arabica are even mixed with chocolate or caramel for added flavor. 

If you are a first-time coffee drinker, Arabica coffee is the right choice that’s not too bitter on your palate.


Robusta Coffee

A type of local coffee that’s more common than most of the coffee types on this list. Also known as “Kalinga Brew”, this type of coffee has a distinct bitter and strong taste that it is more commonly used for expressos but also surprisingly can be found in instant coffee mixes.

Another fun fact about Robusta coffee farms makes 85% of the coffee in the Philippines and it also commonly grows around the Southern Tagalog regions particularly; Bulacan, Cavite, and Mindoro.


Liberica Coffee

There are only two options when it comes to this type of coffee, it’s either you love or hate it. Liberica or more widely recognized as “Kapeng Barako” is a coffee that’s definitely not for the faint of heart. For coffee lovers, Liberica is famous for its smokey and intense flavor that packs a punch to your palate.

While the taste of Liberica can be overwhelming to new coffee drinkers, this particular famous type of coffee is what makes it very well-known in Batangas, and a must-try for tourists that visit the province.


Excelsa Coffee

If you’re more on finding a unique flavor to your regular cup of joe, then Excelsa coffee might be right up your alley. This type of coffee makes up 7% of the country’s overall coffee production. Grown mostly in the farms of Quezon, Bicol, and Sorsogon, Excelsa has a peculiar taste that differentiates it from other locally grown coffee beans.

Most coffee drinkers that have tried this type of coffee would compare it to a fruity taste similar to jackfruits, combined with its sweet smell. So if you’re into exploring a new type of coffee experience, then Excelsa is definitely a must-try for you.

With these five diverse types of coffee located in different parts of the Philippines, it’s no wonder we are a country that is deeply fond of a dose of caffeine in the morning. Maybe you’d find where to grab your next best locally sourced coffee, or discover a new type of coffee to try. 

If coffee is life for you, then maybe you also carry a cup of your favorite brew to work or at school. That’s why AKAP brings you a chic and neat way to bring your much-loved drink easier with our Botella. 

From the shoulder strap to a vegan leather tumbler holder, the Botella is made with adjustable bottle bands to fit tumblers from 22 oz to 40 oz tumblers. You can even choose from eight stunning colors to match your personality.

So, have a nice day with your favorite cup of coffee by your side.