We Can Fall in Love with Detours

We Can Fall in Love with Detours

Radical detours are the moments in life when we stray from the path we're on. They're often unexpected and unwelcome, but they can also lead us to new places, people and opportunities that we never would have found otherwise.

We think we all know what it's like to be a little afraid of change—even happy change! It's easy to feel like something is going wrong when you're moving away from what you know. But with detours, we've learned that sometimes our biggest challenges can turn into our greatest opportunities if we allow them to.

They remind us that failure is an opportunity for growth and change; it's not an end but rather a new beginning.

Life Hacks to Enjoy Detours

See the Detour as a Chance to Travel a New Road

When you're taking a detour, it might be tempting to get frustrated and angry but remember that a detour is just another way to travel from point A to point B. Take the opportunity to take in some new scenery, go down a road you've never been on before, and who knows that might just be the key to finding your way again.

Learn Something New

Learning is important for so many reasons: it helps us grow as individuals, it helps us grow as a society, and it's something we should all be doing more of.

So, take some time today to learn something new about yourself or about the world around you. You'll be glad that you did.

Take Care of Yourself

If you're feeling stressed, exhausted, or anxious, it's important to remember that these are temporary feelings. It is impossible to predict or control every event that will occur in your life, but you can choose how you will react to what happens.

You need time to unwind and be at peace. Take some time out from thinking about work and focus on something else. It'll help.

Do not Focus on the Problem

If you're on a detour, don't focus on what you don't like about it. Instead, focus on what you can learn from the experience.

You might not like that the detour is taking you off your normal route and slowing down your progress, but there's no way around it—so why not get some extra time to think about how to make the most of it? Afterall, the journey is the reward itself. 

Get Curious

The world is full of people who are experts at something—you just have to find them.

You might not think it, but there are probably tons of people out there who have experience with your exact issue. You just need to ask the right questions and be open-minded enough to find them.

Find Gratitude in Your Life as It is Now

The first step to being grateful is to realize that you have a choice. You can choose to be grateful for what you have.

The next step is to find gratitude in your life as it is now, even if you were not expecting it. Maybe you expected certain things to happen in your life and they didn't happen, but there are many other things that did happen and maybe even some unexpected things that instilled life lessons in you.

Finding gratitude does not mean that you're happy with your current situation—it's not about making yourself feel better about where you are at this moment because there's always room for improvement—but instead about being thankful for all the good things in your life right now so that you can move forward with confidence and optimism.

Takeaway: Let Go and Embrace Life’s Detours

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