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Boost your productivity with our La Mesita Laptop Bag

Vegan leather

New Release: Water Tumbler Holder


Premium Filipino-made vegan-leather products to safekeep and organize your essentials

We are a Filipino brand that inspires work-life integration by giving a possibility for everyone to carry-on with life's adventures whether it's at home, a coffee shop, an office space, a getaway, or wherever.

Vegan Leather

Introducing our first collection

AKAP™ Vegan Leather Workspace is a portable workspace that you can carry wherever you go. Your laptop sleeve taken up a notch as an easy work essentials organizer made for every lifestyle.

MESITA Vegan Leather

A portable workspace that you can conveniently carry wherever you go
Convenient carrying

These AKAP™ keepers can be held in five different ways to suit every lifestyle and use.

Functional and Stylish

Designed with different colors to choose from, carrying styles, and enough pockets, these AKAP™ water-resistant portable workspace deliver functionality and style.

Reusable Packaging

Each Vegan Leather Workspace comes with a reusable water-resistant canvas bag, a QR discount code for your next purchase, and proof of authenticity.