Minimalist Core: 5 Tips on Living Simply

Minimalist Core: 5 Tips on Living Simply

A new year is often connected hand-in-hand as a means to reset and a new beginning for many of us. Entering 2024, having new goals isn’t the only thing to look forward to. A new year can also be associated with trying a different lifestyle and in this case, a simpler one. Recently, more millennials and Gen Zs have strongly advocated the “minimalism lifestyle”. Where having less means gaining well-being in mental and physical health. A minimalistic lifestyle also encourages one to live with only getting what they need, and cutting back on the clutter in their lives.

Clutter isn’t even just about physical objects, it can be thoughts, or opinions that you carry with you for a while, or even ideas that you kept setting back or have no motivation to do so. Clutter can be the distraction that stops you from focusing on the present and being productive with your time. So if the new year is your stepping stone toward a minimalistic lifestyle, here is a helpful guide to having more time, eating better, worrying less, and living simply with AKAP.


Look At Empty Space As Endless Opportunities

One of the key things to learn for a minimalistic lifestyle can be tied back to how Japanese people view minimalism. To them, empty spaces are more celebrated and seen as having more opportunities to have only essentials to shine without the clutter taking up the empty spaces. 

An example of this is to picture a room filled with too many items, and having difficulty finding what you need through the many objects obscuring your field of vision. By removing unnecessary items, or organizing your space, you can highlight the objects that you will need daily. 

This is also the same with having too many options in life and being indecisive with which choice to make, for a minimalistic person, it is hard to value things when we live in an abundance of choices and are surrounded by chaos.



Spend on Quality Not Quantity 

Ever been an impulse buyer or purchased items that come in bundle deals? The Japanese people, 

mostly lean to spend on quality rather than quantity of items, especially if they live a minimalistic lifestyle. Even if you take a look at some millionaires, you’ll notice that most influential personalities wear simpler clothes or even repeat outfits. Most Japanese minimalists, believe that you don’t need to have ten different shirts or an extensive collection of clothes. Having to invest in high-quality pieces of clothing and restyling them to fit their lifestyle enables them to purchase quality items that fit their everyday needs. 

This also applies to how they invest in gadgets, food, and even household essentials. For many minimalists, the concept of having your essentials to be multipurpose while having a long product lifespan is beneficial to keeping one’s home organized and efficient. 


Limit Digital Distractions 

Sometimes what’s truly preventing us from maximizing our time and being productive is actually what keeps us connected to social media or other digital platforms. Minimalism involves also removing digital distractions like newsletters, emails, notifications, and even chat messages that fill up our devices. We spend excessive time checking our social media accounts and we tend to delay doing our tasks or setting them aside.

Studies even show that excessive screen time can affect one’s focus or even decrease one’s attention span. If you’re planning to dive into the new year with a strong urge to get more goals done, it's time to cut back on the digital clutter. Set a specific amount of time where you put more attention to your tasks or activities. Be more intentional about how you spend your screen time. Maybe it's time to hit the “Do Not Disturb” button on your phone more often to place more attention on crucial tasks. Keep in mind that the goal is to utilize technology to support your workload.


Organize Purposely

Creating a space that’s clutter-free can be a bit of a struggle when you have a handful of items that you frequently use. A simple yet great way to keep your space clean and organized is using dividers, storage boxes, or even space-saving shelves to organize your work essentials.

Another reason why we should find a purpose for all objects in our space, even down to our personal belongings, is because it narrows down the items we need, versus the ones we barely use, making it easier to remove more stuff from your office or home. This also includes finding better places to store sentimental items, such as small gifts, letters, or even photographs. While it is important to add your touch of style and personality to your space, keep in mind we still need to make sure that we have enough room for us to be productive and focused. To help keep that momentum going, organizing where all personal belongings can maximize our way to accomplishing our tasks smoothly.



Rely on Tools and Products That Boost Your Lifestyle

Starting the new year with a different way of living can be overwhelming, especially when you have tons of things to consider. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that a cluttered mind can make it difficult to figure out what we need to prioritize, so clearing up our space allows us to restart and see things better. And to not feel overwhelmed with jumping into a new lifestyle, it is also crucial to pick out organizers, and storage space that not only increases productivity but also enable one to practice better cleaning of spaces and maximize efficiency inside and outside their home. 

In recent trending videos over on Tiktok and Meta, content such as organizing food, bath products, or even office supplies in containers have become viral and is often viewed as a “relaxing” video for most who find these videos to be both entertaining and compelling to watch, as to how each item is neatly arranged within the content-creators home. This also encourages more people how to organize their workspace or find inspiration to decorate their space to fit their lifestyle.

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