Top 5 Benefits of Vegan Leather Over Traditional Leather

Top 5 Benefits of Vegan Leather Over Traditional Leather

Have you ever noticed that more companies have leaned towards providing sustainability efforts when creating new products? More consumers are environmentally conscious, especially with items bought from major brands or small businesses. One of the notable movements is how the fashion industry shifts towards ethical and environmentally friendly bags and clothing choices. A great example of this is an alternative source of leather used for shoes and bags, called vegan leather.

You might have even heard of this type of leather used for bags, and it is even making waves on trends in the fashion industry. These eco-friendly accessories are making a powerful statement for fashion and the planet. AKAP uses locally sourced Vegan Leather to create our portable workspace and water tumbler carriers. So here’s your chance to know this versatile material, let's dive into the pros of embracing vegan leather bags and discover how they contribute to a greener and more compassionate wardrobe.



Fashionable And Environmentally Friendly Production

One of the biggest advantages of vegan leather products is that it is environmentally friendly and no animals are harmed by producing the leather. Most Vegan Leather alternatives are made from plant-based materials such as cork or apple peels. Thus reducing the need for skinning animals or using heavy toxic fumes for the tanning process of the leather. Some Vegan Leather is even made out of pineapple or coconut, making manufacturers of plant-based leather more cost-efficient to make than traditional leather. 

Local fashion brands even market new bags, or accessories made from Vegan Leather that have the same durability and texture as traditional leather.


Excellent Durability and Affordable Fashion

With many young adults and Gen Zs drawn toward advocating businesses and companies that fit their values, sustainability and how it affects the world is also high on their list when it comes to the clothes they wear and bags for everyday use. And unlike high-fashion traditional leather, Vegan Leather bags require less maintenance and are easier to clean than regular leather. Forget about trying to keep your leather bags dry during a rainy day as well, for most Vegan Leather bags are water-resistant and are relatively easier to clean with a light spot-cleaning of stains with a damp cloth and mild soap over the stains. High-quality Vegan leather is also as durable as traditional leather but is known for its affordable price, making it a new trendy fashion statement piece for those interested in sustainable fashion.



Ideal Bags For The On-The-Go Lifestyle

When it comes to living in the moment and exploring new and exciting activities, young adults and Gen Zs come first in leading a dynamic and active lifestyle. Thus, the products they purchase need to keep up with any weather and being constantly outdoors or on a commute. Unlike most regular leather bags, these eco-friendly alternatives are crafted to suit a wider range of consumers. From students, the working class, and even travelers. these bags are not just fashion statements; they're reliable companions for the active and ambitious young adult.

It’s even becoming more common to find larger-sized Vegan Leather backpacks, and messenger bags to fit multiple essentials for daily use.


Social Media Trendy Bags

Being a generation that’s constantly checking on the hot and trending news on social media, Gen Z and Millennials are heavily influenced by the products and activities that are recommended by friends or influencers online. Sometimes, they are even hooked by the bags or clothes their favorite online influencer uses. Aside from the affordability of Vegan Leather bags, these sustainable products come in varying styles, sizes, and colors. As the pioneers of the social media era, young adults rely heavily on clothes and bags that are visually appealing or “Instagram-worthy content.” 

Backed up by trendy designs and ethical backgrounds of Vegan Leather bags, people are more eager to add sustainable fashion choices to their wardrobe once they snag a look at the products through social media. 


Activism Through Fashion

Similarly to earlier points through this article, consumers are now making sure the products they use are beneficial not just for them, but also to the community and the world. Many brands these days offer cruelty-free products while helping local suppliers and artisans. Plus, it's a bonus that you get to look good while helping the environment. As consumers, being able to steadily lean towards this sustainable trend can be a great way to support various movements of protecting our wildlife, and reducing carbon footprint in our own small yet impactful way.


To wrap it all up, Vegan Leather products are rising fast in the local fashion scene, they are not just a style piece, but also symbolize a lifestyle that values individuality, sustainability, and social responsibility. As Gen Zs and Millennials continue to surprise different generations with this new era in fashion, AKAP, and its vegan leather workspace bags and water tumbler carriers will always be a part of their journey as they navigate through life with their firm beliefs and conscious efforts to making the world a better place. 

So if you are also looking for eco-friendly alternative bags that can seamlessly fit your work and life experience, check out our full collection of Vegan Leather products at