Top 7 Essential Items For Digital Nomads

Top 7 Essential Items For Digital Nomads

Are you a digital nomad who’s planning your first big adventure out there? Then you’re probably already dreading how to travel with all your necessities and adding your digital nomad gear seemed like a heavier weight especially when you’re expecting to spend more time outdoors and seeing the world.

You most definitely would like the chance to work from virtually anywhere, however, working remotely itself comes with its own unique challenges, adding in the fact that you’ll be relocating to a new space as you travel makes it daunting to set foot out there, unprepared. 

That’s why, to lessen the stress for you, we’ve gathered the list of the top 7 essential digital nomad gear that are versatile to support your work wherever you go, and lightweight enough to make it easy to bring in your luggage while traveling.


Universal Travel Adapter

Picture this, you go all your cables and chargers for your gadgets but are faced with the struggles of international outlet incompatibility. So start saving yourself from the struggles of buying a new charger in another country or city, and invest in a reliable Universal Travel Adapter make sure to invest in one that covers multiple plugs especially if you plan to work at different destinations and locations where outlets might vary, depending on the situation.

Universal Travel Adapters are also usually small and pocket-sized, making it easier to fit into your gadget pouches or small pockets in your bag, while not taking up space for larger electronics that you will plan to bring. 


Portable External Hard Drive

Whether it’s for backing up your work files or your travel memories, having a portable external hard drive is a must-have for long-term travels, and to ensure you have enough storage space on your devices while you’re on the road. We highly recommend you go for an external hard drive that is bigger and can accommodate all your files while traveling.

Portable external hard drives are also a great place to back up your files in case of emergencies when your gadgets are acting up or lagging as you work. 


Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Let’s be honest, even while we’re working from home or in a new space, it’s hard not to get distracted by outside noise and focus on work. It’s even harder to work for long hours or attend online meetings with background noises here and there. Plus, with the goal of lessening the clutter of the gadgets and electronics you’ll need for work and traveling, wireless earbuds will be at the top of your list as a must-have.

Say goodbye to tangled earphone wires, and have more mobility while working. Wireless earbuds are made to be discreet, have incredible sound quality, and are not too bulky when you wear them. Good wireless earbuds can even function for up to 5 hours and are noise-proof, so you can get work done, attend online meetings, or even listen to music uninterrupted throughout the day.



Power Bank

When you’re consistently on the road, whether it’s long flights, train rides, or stuck inside a car to reach your destination, dealing with short battery life for your gadgets is a headache when you’re a digital nomad. Having a power bank can help extend the battery life of your phone or portable wifi while you are on the move, or have limited access to power outlets.

However, do keep in mind that having a power bank in your hand-carry luggage can alert most scanners in airports, so make sure to check with the local and international airline and airport regulations in regards to the regulations of power banks that are safe to bring at the airport. What’s convenient about power banks is their fast charging ports which act as a portable backup battery for your gadgets while you’re traveling.


Lightweight Tripod 

While this next item on the list may be optional to most travelers and digital nomads, if you’re into capturing the moment, and recording your journey wherever you go, a lightweight tripod is a must for recording your memories. There are actually plenty of cheaper alternatives on the internet, especially if you are a starting digital nomad.

Tripods don’t have to be the most advanced or the most technical, in fact, a simple foldable tripod can be nifty as you travel or even attend online meetings when there’s limited desk space. While this is still only an optional choice, depending on your travel plans, most digital nomads invest in the right compact tripod for their content creation or work purposes as they set their sights on their journey.


Compact and Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

Aside from investing in all things wireless for your trip, working on your laptop can be a bit of a struggle with just the trackpad, which is why having a compact Bluetooth mouse can make your workflow easier and faster.

We do recommend that getting a rechargeable mouse is better than one that relies on batteries for situations where there won’t be any convenience stores nearby to purchase extra batteries. Aside from that, going wireless can lessen the stress of tangled wires in your bag, especially when you are always moving around.



Reliable Laptop Bag and Organizer

Of course, being a digital nomad means having your laptop with you even while on the go. This is why, having a reliable Laptop bag is essential to keep your laptop safe, while also being able to work from virtually anywhere in the world.

Thus, AKAP is here with its portable vegan leather workspace that can help you transform any place into a comfortable workplace.



Meet La Mesita, a versatile, portable workspace and laptop holder that comes with 11 different compartments for your gadgets and personal belongings. What’s perfect about La Mesita is that it’s compact enough for you to carry in any public transportation or airplanes, and even has a built-in laptop stand and mouse pad so you can work from a coffee shop, a co-working space, or even from your hotel room.

You can even choose from a variety of colors to fit your personality and enjoy the perks of traveling while making a living.


It is also worth noting that most of the items we’ve listed here are suited for travel, and can even save you some storage space in your luggage, so you can go ahead and check out our vegan leather workspace collection and add it to your must-haves for the next grand trip.