Top 5 Work Essentials On Your Desk To Be Productive at Work

Top 5 Work Essentials On Your Desk To Be Productive at Work

Heading back to the office means spending time behind your desk and getting work done. As we dedicate a considerable chunk of our time to work, we think about how to feel comfortable and do our day-to-day tasks efficiently. We even place a certain amount of attention to detail when it comes to how we could personalize and organize our workstations to feel at ease within the office setting or even from our work area at home.

And while some of us are eager to get back into the office to have a clear work and life balance, or want to change how you organize the workstation, we gathered the five “must-have” items you can consider adding to your work desk.

Vacuum-sealed mug or water bottle

Staying hydrated is important for work and in life. In most cases, we probably don’t want to stand up all the time from our desks to go back and forth to the water dispenser, unless of course if it’s to have a quick chat with our co-workers. Whichever the case, having a mug or even a tumbler at the office makes it easier to stay still at your workstation. This even saves you time and money to ordering coffee, grabbing a drink from a nearby coffee shop, or ordering from a food delivery service. 

Carrying a vacuum-sealed mug or water bottle also allows you to make or bring your favorite drink to work. There are even multiple online stores and shops to grab the perfect tumbler or mug for you to bring to the office and keep by the desk. Vacuum-sealed containers can also help keep the temperature of your drink, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your cup of coffee turning lukewarm over time.

Desk organizers

Got a ton of files, documents, or even just sticky notes at work? Sometimes having paperwork piled up on your desk could not only clutter your workspace, it even distracts you from completing your tasks during the day.  

You might think it is unnecessary to have organizers on your desk, however, it’s not just for show, creating a spacious and clutter-free environment would increase focus on what needs to be accomplished throughout the day. Many employees and even entrepreneurs organize their workspaces and tend to even make small notes and checklists to stay on track and maximize their productivity throughout the entire day.  

File organizers can even help you sort out the documents you’ve gone through a week before or even easily check the notes from the last meetings so that you don’t have to rummage through the dense paperwork when they are scattered on your desk.

Wireless Gadgets

Make cable management the last thing you should worry about at work. Sometimes it’s the long wires of your mouse that tend to disrupt your workflow, or even tangle up on your desk. However, there are now better alternatives such as wireless mice, and even keyboards and earphones.

Minimizing the cables on your desk also lessens the restrictions on your movement as you go about your tasks throughout work.

Work bag or a travel organizer

Let’s be honest, we often invest in the best work bag, briefcase, or backpack that can carry all our office items and essentials whenever we go to work. At the same time, we often search for a bag that not only organizes our essentials but also lessens the strain of lugging around our personal belongings without suffering from back strains or sore shoulders. 

Some even go the extra mile and find a workbag that also functions as a laptop bag with a specific compartment that protects your laptop or tablet from damage while on the go. Others would also check if the bag they will purchase comes with cable organizers, pen holders, or pockets that would hold their belongings without tangling or being disorganized inside their bag. 

A good work bag is large enough to carry all your necessities while making sure you won’t have to rummage through your bag to find what you need.

Sticky notes or notepads and pens

Being back to work means attending many meetings, creating task checklists for your daily routine, and even memos on the urgent projects you need to go through. Thus, it is important to have some sticky notes, notepads, and pens at hand to jot down important reminders so that you wouldn’t miss a beat when it comes to getting work done each day.

Small memos are also a great way to recall which tasks are urgent or needed to reprioritize depending on your workload.

La Mesita The All-In-One Portable Workspace Bag

Aside from these top “must-haves” that you’d need as you return to the office or to change up your work desk, did you know that you can have the perfect travel and portable workspace bag so you can get work done while being on the go? 

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