Why the Hybrid Work Setup is Perfect for Metro Manila Digital Nomads


We used to have this picture that productivity at work means sitting inside our office cubicles, plowing through workload and meetings with co-workers in the office, clocking out at the end of our shift before soldiering through the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila’s busy roads and traffic. 

But, this isn’t the only option for the working class. The workplace environment changed drastically from 2020 to 2022 due to the higher demand for remote workers, and the need to adapt toward safer working spaces and even improving work-life balances for employees. These changes also affected many businesses and industries in the Philippines, and while we are shifting back to working in the office, there are still some pressing issues that need to be addressed, such as the growing problem of congested roads and minimal available public transportation across the majority of the Metro Manila area. 

And sometimes, we just want to get more work done without feeling exhausted from the long commute from home to the office. In this blog, we're diving deep into why the hybrid work setup isn't just a fad, but rather a godsend for us Manila folks. We’re also going to tackle how La Mesita, by AKAP, is the best partner you need to boost your productivity whether you work at home, in the office, or even inside a coffee shop. We'll chat about how it's freeing up our time, giving us the chance to have a life outside of work, supercharging our productivity, and unleashing the full potential of our workforce.

Employees Experience Less Commute Stress

According to an article by CNN Philippines, 72% of the Social Weather Station survey respondents expressed their difficulty in commuting to work daily from their homes to the office with the limited public transportation available. Metro Manila is notorious for its traffic congestion, and commuting can be a daily struggle. A hybrid work setup allows employees to work from home or choose a nearby co-working space, significantly reducing the time and stress associated with long commutes.

This not only elevates the stress of the employees to move with the crowd during rush hour, but it also enables one to use their energy towards working on time and staying productive from the comforts of their chosen workspace.

Increased Work-Life Balance

We hear this term being used more often and even dreamt of acquiring whether it’d be during the early, mid, or even late stages of your career and work life. Through the unique work arrangements of the Hybrid setup, employees can strike that balance of work and life, without straining their mental and physical health at work.

Some employees consider during the job hunting process if they can regularly go to work without sacrificing their mental and physical well-being in the process. A hybrid work setup allows employees to slot more time for work and family life. They can free up more time to run errands, stay in touch with co-workers on office reporting days, and even spend more time with their families after or during office hours. 

A change of environment allows employees to be more productive with their time and have a spark of new inspirations and ideas because of the flexibility of time, while feeling happier and refreshed each work day.

Talent Attraction and Employee Retention

While there are many factors to consider when it comes to why an employee chooses to stay or leave a certain job, many Filipinos expressed that burnout, unfavorable work environments, or even an increase in expenses are common grounds for why they leave a certain job or are picky of the next career they will take. Fresh graduates and Gen Z Filipinos are also more critical when it comes to the type of work environment they are willing to take. 

This is why companies offering a hybrid work setup are often more attractive to job seekers. They can also retain top talent by providing a flexible work environment that meets employees' needs and preferences. Working parents are looking for jobs that allow them to spend time with their children, and young adults are searching for jobs that enable them to do other activities outside of work hours. 

Employees in a Hybrid work setup also stay within the company because of how well they can manage their time better and get their tasks done within the work week.

Cost Saving and Better Budgeting for Employees

Cutting down on daily commutes means saving money on transportation, whether it's fuel, public transportation fare, or toll fees. Additionally, employees can save on work attire and daily lunches when working from home.

One of the reasons why hybrid work is efficient for employees is because they can save more without the hassle of daily commutes and be able to prioritize and budget their expenses on other needs. And because there is still the need to report to the office, depending on the company’s arrangements, employees can also utilize the equipment and facilities in the office during their in-office work days.

Better Health and Safety Environment for all Employees

The ongoing concerns regarding health and safety, especially during the pandemic, make a hybrid work setup appealing. It allows employees to minimize exposure to crowded places and reduce the risk of illness. Not only that, in a tropical country like the Philippines, which is frequented by typhoons each month, the risk of commuting to work during harsh storms makes it difficult for employees. This also includes incidents such as sudden strikes of public transportation, or even natural calamities.

Thus, the hybrid setup allows more workers the advantage to change or choose the place they can work remotely during difficult times, without risking themselves or other co-workers in the process.

The Perfect Laptop Bag for Hybrid Setup Employees

And since one can do their work outside the regular office space, AKAP has the perfect solution to help you carry all your work essentials with ease whether you work at home, in the office, or anywhere across Metro Manila. 

La Mesita by AKAP is a sustainable and multi-purpose workspace organizer that comes with 11 compartments to secure your personal belongings and gadgets for work. It even functions as a laptop bag, and comes with a built-in laptop stand and mouse pad, so you can set up anywhere in minutes. 

So don’t hesitate to head to a coworking space, a client meeting, or simply embrace the joy of working from your favorite cafe, La Mesita ensures you do it in style and with the peace of mind that you're supporting a brand committed to making a positive impact on the planet.

So, if you're ready to elevate your workspace game and make a statement for sustainability, consider La Mesita by AKAP as your go-to vegan leather workspace bag. It's time to work, travel, and live with style, and comfort.